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Refereed articles (available at ResearchGate)

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Manuscripts (in press, review or preparation)

Miranda, P.L.S.; Neves, D.M.; Oliveira-Filho, A.T; Pennington, R.T.; Baker, T.R. & Dexter, K.G. Climatic overlaps amongst biomes in lowland tropical South America. Global Ecology and Biogeography (in press).

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Neves, D.M.; Dexter, K.G.; Baker, T.R.; Souza, F.C., Oliveira-Filho A.T.; [other 10+ co-authors] & Pennington, R.T. The Environmental Crossroads Hypothesis of lineage diversity. Nature Ecology and Evolution (in review).

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Neves, D.M.; Kerkhoff, A.J.; Echeverría-Londoño, S.; Enquist, B.J. Overdispersed phylogenetic impoverishment leads to high evolutionary diversity. In preparation to Nature.

Souza, F.C.; Dexter, K.G.; Phillips, O.L.; Pennington, R.T.; Neves, D.M.; [other 50+ co-authors] & Baker, T.R. Evolutionarily diverse communities provide greater ecosystem function. In preparation to Nature Ecology and Evolution.